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Mānuka is the Māori name for the native Aotearoa New Zealand plant, Leptospermum Scoparium. For centuries the flora has been embraced by Māori culture - revered for its natural wellness properties and versatility.

Mānuka honey boasts beneficial natural compounds – and this is measured by the Unique Mānuka Factor™ grading system.
Ka Noa – As Nature Intends

The past year has been a reset for many of us. At Ka Noa, we took the time to step back and revisit where we wanted to be as a brand – ultimately, our visual identity needed to match our brand ethos.

Analytica Laboratories

Dr. Terry Braggins has been involved with testing both honey and dairy products with New Zealand for years – a crucial process in preserving the authenticity and quality of the Mānuka honey industry.

A Gift With Purpose

We’re edging closer to the festive season, and we’ve introduced the perfect idea for those looking for a beneficial and considered gift – our Welcome Kit. Each kit contains a trio of our Single Origin Mānuka honey products, in a handy travel size.