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Manuka Honey

Certification Trademark of ‘Manuka Honey’

A few people have asked about the move to trademark New Zealand Manuka Honey. Here is a great article from the UMF website to explain: Certification Trademark for the descriptor ‘Manuka Honey’ has generated widespread local and international media coverage lately. The move to trademark the name is a home-grown initiative aimed at ensuring that the term is only…

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What is Leptosperin? & Why is it so important?

Leptosperin is a naturally occurring chemical found only in the nectar of Mānuka plants.  It stays stable over time, which makes testing for Leptosperin in honey a good way of identifying if it contains Mānuka , and if it is concentrated enough to be labelled as Mānuka Honey. It was identified first (and patented) by Japanese researcher Kato in 2014. Later that…

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Identifying Genuine Manuka Honey

How do we find genuine Manuka Honey? There is so much confusion when looking for Genuine Manuka Honey, with reports of more being sold than is actually produced. How do we identify the genuine from the fake? What makes Manuka Honey unique? This fantastic video from the UMFHA will help shed some light! 

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