Frequently Asked Questions

New Zealand UMF® Certified Manuka Honey

What does UMF mean?

UMF® (Unique Manuka Factor) is a trademark owned by the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA).

UMF® is the only Manuka grading system that is regulated. As a UMF licensee, we are subject to regular spot checks and audits of our honey. Before we can release a batch of Manuka Honey it must be tested by an independent laboratory and signed off by the UMF Honey Association.

The UMF rating tests for multiple signature compounds found in Manuka Honey. Including Leptosperin which is only found in Manuka Honey, DHA and Methylglyoxal.
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What does MGO mean?

MGO is short for Methylglyoxal, an organic compound found in some types of honey and in very high quantity in Manuka Honey. When you see an MGO rating it is showing how many milligrams of Methylglyoxal is in the honey.

Why is Manuka Honey more expensive than other kinds of honey?

Manuka Honey contains unique properties making it highly sought after by consumers around the world. It is unique to New Zealand and there is a limited amount produced every year making it hard to come by. The Manuka bush is very sensitive to weather conditions and some years it won't produce any honey at all.

Why do you pack in plastic jars?

We pack into plastic jars for a few reasons -
Our PET jars are specifically designed to protect Manuka Honey from UV rays which can harm the UMF rating.
There is less risk of the honey getting damaged when shipped internationally.
Our pots are made out of a highly recyclable PET which reduces environmental impact.
Also, there are at least one species of bacterium that can degrade PET, further reducing environmental impact ?

Ka Noa UMF 25+

Limited Edition 2015 Harvest: UMF® 25+ 1000 pot release.

Ka Noa UMF 15+

Made from Mānuka bush nectar, which is native to New Zealand.

Ka Noa UMF 10+

All of our honey is Single Source: one beekeeper and one region.

Ka Noa UMF 20+

A deep golden hue, smoked earth and waxy on the nose with a creamy finish.