Limited Reserve Manuka Honey: UMF® 26+

NZD $ 599.90


We are proud to offer a unique expression of a very special honey.

Nestled in a one of a kind handcrafted display box is our strongest Manuka honey yet. With a Methylglyoxal content of more than 1300 mg per kg, our UMF® 26 Manuka is amongst the best in the world.

We have teamed up with New Zealand photographer Aaron Sami to curate a one of a kind set of prints to go with the honey. These images are intended to envoke a curiosity for New Zealand and the terroir of our Manuka Honey.

With your jar of KA NOA 26+ Manuka Honey, you will receive

  • A beautifully illustrated jar of some of the worlds rarest honey.
  • A handcrafted, gold and black illustrated display box.
  • A one of a kind set of curated New Zealand prints.
  • A unique authentication code to register your product.
  • UMF® release certificate, proof of authenticity.


All of KA NOA’s products are Certified by the UMF Honey Association.

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210 grams

UMF® Rating