Published on 23 May, 2021


Published on 23 May, 2021


As temperatures cool and daylight hours shorten– our bodies need a little additional support through the coming winter months. The consideration and care required to aid our immune system can be quite simple adjustments to our daily routine.

Grab the daylight while you can.

May sound simple, but as someone who has lived in the darker parts of the Northern Hemisphere – Vitamin D is essential (to both mood and physical well-being). Take a lunch-break walk – or take the kids for a quick stroll after work.

Choose seasonal

A seasonal diet is a celebration of the natural rhythm. Where possible, enjoy seasonal vegetables – attempt new dishes and enjoy the dark, rich colour palette of winter.

Opt for natural sweeteners

As we spend more time rugged up indoors, we often look to fulfil our sweet-tooth cravings. Mānuka honey is a natural sweetener, and is also beneficial for your general well-being. Whether that’s a quick spoonful on the go, or a baked good – it’s win-win. Check our range of Mānuka honey (link to product page) for additional uses and the best grade for your needs.


It’s difficult to feel motivated to exercise mid-winter. However, maintaining a level of physical activity is key to our overall well-being. Pick and choose what works best for you. Whether this is morning Pilates, or a box-fit class after work – or a walk to clear your head, it’s all beneficial.