Limited Reserve 26+ UMF Grade Manuka Honey

The absolute purest honey in the world

For the connoisseur of the finest of honies

Exquisitely rare, limited reserve 26+ UMF Grade New Zealand Manuka Honey. Uniquely number coded for authenticity.

In 2017 we carefully harvested a small amount of Mānuka honey from a very isolated patch of Mānuka bush. In Spring we couldn't access the site with our vehicles so had to carry each hive in by hand. We only managed to carry 10 hives in because of the rough terrain and distance we had to trek. It was hard going but we were excited to see how the bees would do. Come harvest time we kept the honey from these hives completely separate. We extracted it with minimal interference, only removing the wax, and in a barrel placed it in our temperature controlled honey rooms.

Upon harvesting the honey we sent a sample off to a UMF® approved laboratory for testing. The results we received were very exciting because they showed the bees had collected from a very pure source. Nectar collected only from the Mānuka bush creates a very pure and sort after Mānuka Honey. The results showed great growth potential in the natural markers of the honey. Therefore if we cared for it meticulously it would be a UMF 26+. Some Mānuka Honey, if collected from a pure source, will age like a fine wine. This small amount of very special Mānuka Honey was aged for two years in temperature controlled rooms and tested regularly by a UMF® certified laboratory and is now available to you as a very limited release.

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UMF 26 Plus Manuka Honey

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